University Of Regina Faculty Association Collective Agreement

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The agreement is retroactive to the 2017-18 school year: a normal appointment for teachers, trainers and lab teachers The University of Regina has taken a final step towards a new collective agreement with its teachers and librarians. Teachers, librarians and other members of the association ratified the treaty last week. This week, the University`s Board of Governors approved a four-year contract between the administration and the 1,400 members of the University of Regina Faculty Association. Delay in notifying scientific staff of decisions made regarding ICS, performance increases and/or promotions. Article 18.8 details the appeal procedure The scale of teachers` salaries is set at a central point between their existing salary scale and the salary scale of assistant professors. An annual professional development fund of $12,000 is also set up for training courses. March 26, 2019: University of Regina Academic Bargaining – Tentative Agreement Reached (217 KB) Deadline for dean or equivalent information of university staff, who normally do not need to be audited, that they are checked, academic staff who wish to challenge a negative decision on the renewal or mandate of the order must file a complaint with the faculty association. June 24, 2019: URFA files a complaint regarding the Add One/Drop One implementation (210 KB) For academic staff, a sabbatical that has already been granted for the submission of documents after a promotion or warrant application. Deadline for the presentation of the names of three academic staff who are applying for a teacher or librarian IV promotion or who are being considered for a term If you wish to challenge a negative career decision (without a mandate or renewal of appointment), you must inform the faculty association before that date.

time for scientific officers who are not required to review the results to request a performance review, which is summarized in section 17 and Schedule D of the collective agreement. The University of Regina Faculty Association became a certified union in May 1977, when the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board appointed it a bargaining partner for the University of Regina`s academic staff.