Verizon Business Agreement

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33.1 Respect for the rules. The use of Verizon IP services must correspond to the current version of THE UPA from the countries from which the customer uses this service (if there is no UPA for a country, the U.S. UPP applies). The corresponding UPA is available in the following URL: or any other URL specified by Verizon. The customer must ensure that each user of the services respects the UPA. 10. Resignation. The customer may terminate the services in writing within 30 days on U.S. sites and 60 days by written notification for services provided outside the United States, with the exception of termination of services provided under OneView contracts under section 10.1 below (the termination period). Customers must terminate a service by updating Verizons` standard form through the Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC) online portal at, as this URL can be updated from time to time. All other means of notification (including, but not limited to mail or email to the customer account representative) are null and void, even if they are actually received by Verizon. After the separation form is transmitted online, the customer receives an email from Verizon (Request Acknowledgment) that the customer must keep as confirmation of their request. If the customer does not receive a confirmation of the requirement within 24 hours of sending the login form online, the customer should contact the VEC-Helpdesk or customer service to avoid any delay in the separation of the service.

If part of this agreement, including something related to arbitration (with the exception of the prohibition of class arbitration, as indicated in Part 8 of the Dispute Settlement Section), is invalidated, that part may be withdrawn from this agreement. 9.2 Credit quality check. Verizon may at any time, in the proper exercise of its discretion, conduct a customer credit check, for which the customer makes available all financial information reasonably requested by Verizon. Verizon`s agreement on the granting of customer credit or extended credit limits (up or down) is at Verizon`s absolute discretion. We may limit, suspend or terminate your service without notice, or enter into an agreement with you for any reason, including, but not limited, to: (1) if you: (a) violate this agreement; (b) resell your service; (c) to use your service for illegal purposes, including use contrary to trade and economic sanctions and prohibitions imposed by a U.S. government agency; (d) a mechanism for installing, making available or using regeneration equipment or similar mechanisms (for example). B a repeater) to create, strengthen, improve, transmit or regenerate an HF signal without our permission; (e) to rob us or lie to us; or, if you are a post-country customer; (f) not paying your bill on time; (g) fees exceed a required deposit or billing limit or far exceed their monthly access fee (although we have not yet charged the fee); (h) provide credit information that we cannot verify; or (i) are unable to pay us or go bankrupt; or (2) if you, a user of your device or service line on your account or an account manager on your account: a) vulgar and/or inappropriate language towards our representatives threaten, harass or use; b) affect our business; (c) “spam” or any other abusive message or call; (d) change your device to the manufacturer`s specifications; or (e) use your service in a way that has a negative impact on our network or other customers.