Which Three International Agreements About Sustainability Were Adopted In 2015

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Uganda was also one of the first countries to develop its 2015/16-2019/20 national development plan in line with the SDGs. The government estimated that about 76% of the SDG targets were reflected in the plan and adapted to the national context. The UN team is said to have helped the government integrate the SDGs. [144] Sustained global economic growth of 3% (goal 8) may not be tied to environmental sustainable development goals, as the overall ecological decoupling rate required is much higher than in the past. [129] Anthropologists have suggested that the targets, instead of targeting aggregate GDP growth, could be for the use of resources per capita, with “significant reductions in high-income countries.” [129] SDG 13 states that “taking urgent action to combat climate change and its effects by regulating emissions and encouraging developments in renewable energy.” [39] In total, there are five objectives, three of which are “production objectives”: building resilience and adaptability in the face of climate-related disasters; Integrating climate change measures into policy and planning; Strengthen knowledge and capacity to cope with climate change. The two remaining objectives are the “means to achieve” the objectives: the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; and to promote mechanisms to increase planning and management capacity. [40] Implementation of the SDGs began in 2016 worldwide. This process can also be referred to as the “SDG location.” Individuals, universities, governments, institutions and organizations of all kinds work separately, but one or more objectives at a time. [72] Governments must translate the objectives into their national legislation, develop an action plan and establish their own budgets. At the same time, however, they must be open and actively seek partners. International coordination is essential to making partnerships valuable. The SDGs stress that countries with less access to finance need partnerships with more prosperous countries.

[73] The 17 new Sustainable Development Goals, also known as The Global Goals, aim to end poverty, hunger and inequality, take action against climate change and the environment, improve access to health and education, build strong institutions and partnerships, and much more.