Unlv Hospitality Internship Learning Agreement

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As part of the college`s commitment to integrate management theory and industry practice, our students must complete 1,000 hours of work experience in a reviewable catering job. The work can be carried out at any time of the year, anywhere in the world, in a segment of the student industry (for example, hotels. B, restaurants, meeting rooms, arenas, etc.). We process approximately 2,000 work experience exams per year. Each year, an average of 600 hospital students develop their careers by participating in restoration courses in the United States or their home countries. The internship experience is combined with a 3-credit online course, which is offered every fall, spring and summer semester. Through the work and internship programs at the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, students have the opportunity to use what they have learned in the classroom and apply them to the real world. Hands-on training in the form of work experience and internships will help you explore your passion for the industry while giving you a big head start on the competition.

Are you having trouble finding an internship because COVID-19 has an impact on the sector? In order to help seniors graduate during these difficult times, an alternative to HMD 450 has been approved. Hospitality Hall – Room 128 boughnercareerservices@unlv.edu 702-895-5554 Thanks for visiting the link below to learn more about HMD 450 and HMD 455 – the alternative course. Autumn 2020 Registration deadline: 10 August 1 Programme dates: 24 August – 5 December Registration date: 5 January I Programme dates: 19 January – 8 May Given the impact of COVID 19 on the availability of work for students, work experience requirements may change during circumstances. Click above for general information and requirement updates. Note: Work experience has been adapted for seniors who graduate in December 2020. Connect with employers today on UNLV`s new digital employment board, Handshake.