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Many associations already include some education in their membership benefits, for example, free webinars (recorded and/or live) or recorded conference sessions. Set up an association CIO if you want your charity to be a corporate body and have a wider membership, including voting members other than the charity trustees. Another premium benefit you can offer is exclusive content. They determine: People are craving community. Association members respond well to more options. This also includes updating your membership model to fit the new needs of your members. Membership clubs and organizations are all the rage. An organizational membership could be for you. Both “base” and “premium” memberships are priced depending on the member’s ability to pay. For this tier, you could market the exclusives of a higher tier membership and how it can help improve even the higher up professional’s business experience. The best way to do that is by choosing the right membership model — a significant revenue source. One group that has changed its membership model in the last 18 months is ASAE. Monthly fees are automatically paid by credit card. If your association knows this, it can prepare a marketing strategy that reaches that type of audience for maximum success. Here are 3 membership models your association can try on for size. With this model there is usually a set structure whereby no matter when you join you go through the same delivery of information– so Month 1 info can be accessed initially, Month 2 is released 30 days l… For example, a lower-tiered membership option might appeal to members looking to save money, like younger professionals and students. MeMbership Models 2.0 Thinking about association membership models is an activity that certainly has gained importance for PCOs in the new millennium. Now, Unifi-Ed plans to become a membership organization, intentionally shifting to a model where community members can have “ownership and voice in our direction and goals.” There will be two classes of members—one based on payment of membership fees (suggested at $10/month) and the other based on volunteer hours. ASAE's 2007 study The Decision to Join is, eight years later, still a go-to resource for association leaders to understand the fundamental reasons why people affiliate with groups and join associations (or not). Businesses and groups looking for discounts on events and performances in Cincinnati can come to the Cincinnati Arts Association. However, value-based membership creates significant unpredictability in revenue due to the different service levels and different associated dues. In this pricing model, the membership level has a set term with expiration. As a bonus, you also get our latest (yet unpublished and secret) data on how association leaders view membership in 2019. Flexibility is an attractive membership feature but limits your ability to predict revenue. As members experiment with different services — or simply opt for the lowest-level memberships — your bottom line can fluctuate. A group sales model appeals to businesses and any members of the same company save some money in the long run. But with this challenge comes an opportunity to adapt. However, it’s entirely up to your association to choose an appropriate discount that fits your needs. Below I talk about how membership continues to be an issue. This is perhaps the best known membership model, and involves a monthly payment for access to a private members area with new content added each month. Traditionally an association's membership categories have been locked in by bylaws. Hyper-bundling is the act of grouping together exclusive benefits and services that come with an organizational membership. Consider building a members-only website for your association. How much value is attached to different dues levels. It might be available all at once, or it may “drip”, revealing new content over the course of time. Offer organizational members access to a library of premium content that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Each audience poses unique revenue challenges. Before evaluating which model works best for you, it’s important to address the needs of your organization: Who do you want to serve? You also need to prepare to market each level to your members. By Association Adviser staff • July 31, 2017. A tiered dues membership model can create a well-rounded experience for any type of person looking to join your association. Based on … A group sales model can also offer membership discounts per person in the group depending on the size of the group. They currently offer traditional individual membership that includes a magazine and a discount on the annual meeting for dues of around $100. Examples of learning-inspired association membership models. It can be a great way to boost your bottom line and eliminate a lot of sales hassles. Your association should have an easier process for group membership applications. Their page states the following: “ALA organizational membership supports and provides access to invaluable for solving problems and providing services to the communities we serve.”. Their President, Rick Morris, stated: “This approach offers associations a more efficient sales process and allows members to better budget, plus it creates a culture of engagement and has been shown to result in higher retention rates,”. Since technology is rapidly advancing around us every single day, it’s important that your association stays on top of any change that’s thrown its way. Think about switching up your model to stay ahead of your member’s wants and needs and see how a new membership model can boost your association’s future success. Bonus Model: Hyper-bundling There are a variety of simple changes you can make to create a more innovative membership model. Membership Models. In the coming months, I am presenting two sessions on the transitions and opportunities that are taking place in the packaging of association memberships, otherwise known as membership models. Think about switching up your model to stay ahead of your member’s wants and needs and see how a new membership model can boost your association’s future success. Web Scribble is a technology company that assists associations, publishers, and niche job boards across the United States and Canada grow their business with an easy-to-use, completed customizable career platform. The training might feature video content, audio content, PDFs, articles, and various downloads.

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