best place to cage dive with great white sharks

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It’s officially Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, perhaps the most posted-about TV event of the year that doesn’t involve Jon Snow. Only five miles offshore from Gansbaai, Dyer Island is home to around 60,000 resident Cape fur seals, attracting what was once the densest population of great whites anywhere on the planet. You’ll be cage diving with great white sharks after just one short lesson!Though the length of the sharks at Guadalupe Island. are impressive, typically 10-18 feet long, their girth will astound you even more. The best shark encounters occur three miles out, where the Pacific Ocean reaches depths of 500 feet. When to Go: You can dive with the sharks at Seal Island from April to mid-September — outside those months they move inshore to feed on game fish and smaller sharks. The ocean floor dives require dive certification but cage dives are also available at the surface for non-divers. Our five favorite shark destinations in the world. Cage diving is possible here from both day-trip and liveaboard boats, and one outfit even offers the unique option of ocean floor shark cage diving. For those of you excited about cage diving with sharks we have pulled together a list of the world’s best places to experience these awe-inspiring creatures from behind bars. The elephant seals that live here make this one of the prime hunting grounds for some of the largest Great White Sharks in the world. Watch from the deck as white sharks prey on the local seal population. Located in Port Lincoln, South Australia (a few hours from Adelaide) you can join Calypso Star Charters who offer daily shark cage diving and sea lion diving tours.. If you have the opportunity, it’s better to do so in South Africa, where it is much cheaper and more likely to see sharks. Scuba tanks are required in the bottom cage; the sur- face cages are for hookah breathers only. Most shark cage diving operators take conservation very seriously. “ Great choice for great white shark cage diving in gansbaai Very professional operation Treat the sharks ethically and do good work in the local community Six to a cage… Be prepared to handle adaptations for buddies with disabilities. There are only four places in the world where you can reliably get into the cage to dive with great white sharks; each delivers a very different experience. Most sharks are inquisitive but shy creatures, generally avoiding anything unfamiliar or new. Non-diving Activities: San Francisco is a great city with loads of attractions, museums, and tours. Nearest Airport: San Diego International Airport (SAN). The bottle-green waters of South Africa might not deliver the clearest visibility of the four shark-diving destinations, but entering the cage and watching from the boat in False Bay is your best opportunity for seeing the animals pull an incredible “Air Jaws” maneuver — breaching fully out of the water in pursuit of a fur seal or the towed decoy. Operators: Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions runs two- and three- night expeditions during summer, and four-night trips during winter months. Operators run trips from Gansbaai, nearby False Bay, and Mossel Bay for divers, snorkelers, or tourists keen to spectate from the boat. Aggressor Adventures’ Director of Conservation and Outreach, Samantha Whitcraft, has been recognized as DEMA’S 2020 Wave Maker during the annual DEMA awards ceremony. While there are about 400 species of sharks in the world, South Africa is home to 100 of them. For some divers, the thought of encountering sharks underwater is thrilling yet terrifying, and even the most seasoned divers can experience a sense of vulnerability when sharing a dive with one of the ocean’s most successful predators.

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