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Lecture / PPT – Haussmannization of Paris (20 min) Video – Haussmann’s Reconstruction of Paris (10 min) Independent Activity – Students read the articles and sources on the Haussmannization of Paris, taking notes as appropriate. Wages continued to rise as a result of the consistent money flow throughout the city.9 Haussmannization projects employed over 20% of the Paris population.10 Because buildings and Topographical history In contrast, topographical or morphological Paris 1530 3 Old Paris 4 Arc de Triomphe 5 Camille Pissarro 6 Haussmannian apartment building 7 8 9 Haussmannization. Haussmannization of Paris 23. A drawing of the rebuilding of Paris under Haussmann’s command, from around 1860. french civic planner whose name is associated with the rebuilding of Paris. Baron Haussmann - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt) or view presentation slides online. projects. Haussmann’s renovation of Paris w as a vast public works program which started Napoleon III in the period from 1853 – 1870 in Paris. The entire city was rebuilt in a matter of two decades . The Bourgeoisification of Paris culminated in Baron Haussmann's renovation of the city. Between the Revolution of 1789 and Haussmann's renovation in the 1860's, ideals changed from those of a politically motivated city to those of an economically and socially centered city. Haussmannization provided profits to landowners, developers, speculators, and investors. Paris, he declared, needed light, air, clean water and good sanitation. (Insert instructor) Boulevard Haussmann’s Department Store The Boulevard Haussmann is located in Paris, France, and is home to two of the world’s most famous departmental stores… Haussmannization of Paris (Transformation of a Medieval City) This image is attributed to John McNab @ 2010 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) 21. Paris was redesigned to accommodate new modern city of 1.5 mil (by 1850)- many ancient buildings demolished . (30 min) Suggestion: Have the students read some of these articles and sources for homework before class. Paris, for instance, is mentioned in the chapters dealing with seventeenth- and eighteenth-century squares (on account of its five places royales) and with urban transformations of the second half of the nineteenth century (the famous Haussmannization). Boulevard Haussman’s Department Stores and Boulevard des Capucine’s Opera’s House as Two Key Elements in The Haussmanization of Parisian Architecture. Map of principal new streets, Restructuring of Paris (Haussmannization), Paris, France, 1853–70, by Baron Georges Haussmann (for Napoleon III) Grand staircase, Opera Building, Paris, France, 1863–75, by … Haussmannization of Paris (Transformation of a Medieval City) 24. Baron Georges Haussmann was hired by Napoleon III to oversee the rebuild; “Haussmannization” –the process of changing the city called this. All the rest is forgotten. From 1853 to 1870, the process of Haussmannization in Paris transformed the city’s once medieval streets into wide, modern boulevards, allowing livelihood to move outside. Haussmannization of Paris 22. Haussmannization of Paris (Transformation of a Medieval City) 25. Illustration: Alamy. Caillebotte wanted to show the city’s rapid urbanization He was the man responsible for the transformation of the capital city into the magnificent “City of Light.

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