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The Food & Drug Administration said Tuesday that it … With the onion recall of 2020, Canada has added another brand to the list of affected products. Most recently, Mike served as Tech Editor at The Daily Dot, and has been featured in USA Today, Time.com, and countless other web and print outlets. Thomson International, Inc., was identified as a supplier of onions linked to this outbreak and issued a recall of red, white, yellow, and sweet yellow onions. Published on 8/13/2020 at 6:35 PM. The salsa products included in the recall produced by Spokane Produce are listed under the name Saddlin’ Up. Earlier this month we reported an onion recall that was part of an investigation into a potential Salmonella outbreak. ANNOUNCEMENTThomson International Inc. Conducts Voluntary Recall of Red, Yellow, White, and Sweet Yellow Onions Because of Possible Salmonella Risk When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, the FDA posts the company's announcement as … This onion recall affects all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. and Canada. See also: 120 Canadians sickened by Salmonella outbreak linked to red onions Update 8-8-20: Additional brand names have been included in the onion recall including Del Monte Fresh Produce, N.A., Inc. onions sold at Publix, including North Carolina stores. Those from Thomson International Inc. have also been recalled in the U.S. Mike Wehner has reported on technology and video games for the past decade, covering breaking news and trends in VR, wearables, smartphones, and future tech. View Publix's specific onion recall announcement. © 2020 All Rights Reserved, Narcity Media Inc. Bakersfield, California that were imported from the U.S. Canada's food inspection agency has issued a recall of some U.S.-grown red, yellow, white and sweet yellow onions due to ongoing concerns over salmonella contamination. Ottawa, August 1, 2020 - The food recall warning issued on July 30, 2020 has been updated to include additional distribution and product information. Now, that recall is expanding to include some products that include onions that may have previously been contaminated with Salmonella. This comes after new details were found during the agency's food safety investigation. Kroger’s products were sold in Kroger stores located in West Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Missouri. The Canadian Government Fired Back After Trump Said They Were Being 'Unfair' To The U.S. It includes cheese spreads of various flavors, dips, and salsas. The salsa products were sold in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Recall efforts will extend far beyond the removal of whole onions from supermarket shelves. Shutterstock.com. All retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and foodservice places like restaurants are being told not to serve, use or sell them. If you're unsure, you can contact the place you bought them from to get more information. These new recalls are directly linked to the previous recall of onions sold under a variety of brand names. The recent Salmonella Newport outbreak that has hit the U.S and infected nearly 400 people may be connected to several onion brands, according to announcements from the FDA and CDC. FDA Onion Recall List (Updated August 23) Here's a list of the products recalled so far. It was only about a week ago that the FDA and CDC announced a major recall of onions being sold under various brand names across the United States. Now, just days later, there are at least 640 illness reports in 43 states. Do not eat recalled foods. The new additions are from the same U.S. grower from the previous recall but are sold under another brand. Healthy individuals who fall ill with the bacterial infection will experience fever, nausea, vomiting, cramps, and even bloody diarrhea, so you’d definitely know something was wrong if you came down with a Salmonella infection. The products include dips from Spokane Produce and store-produced deli items from Kroger. Now that also includes prepared foods. 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During the onion recall in 2020, Canada has had to take several different types of produce off store shelves. More onions and onion-containing products have been recalled from store shelves and consumer refrigerators in the fallout from the 43-state Salmonella Newport outbreak. Recall details. It’s important to note that nobody has been reported ill as of yet, so it’s unclear if anyone has actually fallen sick due to the potentially contaminated veggies, but the FDA and the company are taking no chances. By Dustin Nelson. Salmonella can be a nasty infection, and it’s especially serious in children, the elderly, and those with prior medical conditions. Onion varieties include red, white, yellow, and sweet yellow onions,” said the CFIA, who issued food recall warnings for related products that came to Canada. Thomson has recalled all these onion brands. Don't eat these products if you have them. The agency recommends calling your doctor if you think you're sick from one of these products. With the onion recall of 2020, Canada has added another brand to the list of affected products. The brands affected include Thomson Premium Brand, Kroger, Food Lion and Onions 52. Onion Recall Expands as More Illnesses are Reported. Publix Super Markets - Publix Recall Webpage. Now, there’s a new recall on the horizon, and it may affect your dinner plans. The FDA and CDC have expanded the recall for onion-containing products that may be tainted with the Salmonella bacteria. The recall covers red, yellow and sweet onions distributed by Thomson’s 11 brands. On August 6, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) updated its food warning from earlier in the week to include more information about a brand and some of its items. Here on the 18th of August, 2020, the FDA, CDC, and public health and regulato… Out of an abundance of caution, these items have been removed from store shelves and the company has initiated its customer recall notification system that alerts customers who may have purchased recalled products through register receipt tape messages and phone calls. Taylor Farms brand chicken salad croissant with a best-if-used-by date of Aug. 4 or Aug. 5, sold in Texas. In a new FDA recall bulletin, the agency explains that the potentially contaminated onions were used to make a variety of dips and salsa in store chains nationwide. The newly recalled products are listed on two separate FDA recall bulletins, and include products marketed under the names Murray’s, and Jarslberg, as well as products produced by the deli inside Kroger stores. Editor's Choice: The Canadian Government Fired Back After Trump Said They Were Being 'Unfair' To The U.S. With the update, Freshpoint Foodservice is recalling its branded red and jumbo (yellow) onions grown by Thomson International Inc. in Bakersfield, California that were imported from the U.S. That's because of possible salmonella contamination. Onion Recalls in Salmonella Newport Outbreak. Please refer to the FSIS external icon and FDA external icon recall pages for more details. The products used onions from Thomson International, Inc, where were distributed under names including Onions 52, which Spokane Produce used in its various salsas. A Salmonella outbreak has been traced to an onion distributor that sells its products under a variety of brand names. Sysco Canada issued an onion recall up there on Thursday. They were sold from May 15 to August 6 at a variety of … Thomson International Inc. of Bakersfield, California is recalling Red, Yellow, White, and Sweet Yellow Onions shipped from May 1, 2020 through … 3 months ago "Following the recall from ... not just price. Recalls have also been initiated by companies that sold onions at Publix Supermarkets, Giant Eagle, Trader Joe’s, and Ralph’s. His love of Onion recall expands in Canada over salmonella concerns In addition to red onions, the recall now includes yellow, sweet yellow and white onions imported from the U.S. By Craig Takeuchi Thomson International supplied … This additional information was identified during the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) food safety investigation. The recall, issued by Thomson on Aug. 1, includes red, yellow, white and sweet yellow onions which were shipped beginning May 1 in cartons weighing between … The products include salsas and … All in all, it’s a rather broad recall, and there’s a good chance many consumers have these products in their homes. Freshpoint Foodservice's jumbo (yellow) and red onions that were recalled come in five-pound packages and were sold from May 1 up to August 1. Symptoms of a Salmonella infection include diarrhea, fever, and cramps, while more severe illnesses can involve aches, a rash, and lethargy. When we first told readers about the Salmonella outbreak possibly linked to onions, there were just under 400 illness reports in 34 states. Nobody should eat the affected products or any food with these raw vegetables in it. The onion recall that started July 31 has expanded regularly since the first announcement. The new additions are from the same U.S. grower from the previous recall but are sold under another brand. Now, those products are also being recalled. There was another warning about red ones imported from the U.S. by Sysco in late July. Red onions from a California supplier may have caused a nationwide salmonella outbreak that sickened nearly 400 people in 31 states, according … Some may not have a label that shows the same brand and product name that the CFIA has listed because they were sold in bulk or in smaller packages. Update, August 11, 2020: The onion recall linked to salmonella has been expanded to include Progressive Produce red and yellow onions. These items have been distributed in British Columbia. If you have any of these products in your homes, don’t eat them, even if you or others have eaten them and not fallen ill. You are advised to return the products to the store where you bought them for a full refund or a replacement. If it’s not clear whether onions come from one of these brands, the agency advises they be thrown out. reporting is second only to his gaming addiction. As in Canada, western regions account for most of the U.S. cases in this outbreak. A salmonella outbreak linked to recalled onions has spread to 47 states, with increased cases and hospitalizations. The CDC has also added new products to the recall list including cheese dips made with onions. Register this device to receive push notifications. Marketside brand diced onion, diced mirepoix and fajita stir-fry tray with a best-if-used-by date of Aug. 10, sold in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota. You might want to check your onions. The Public Health Agency of Canada said earlier in the week that Canadians shouldn't eat, use, sell or serve any red, yellow, white, and sweet yellow onions from that grower. Massive Onion Recall Stems from Salmonella Contamination According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Thomson International is recalling all white, red, yellow and sweet yellow onions that were shipped between May 1, 2020 and the present. Red, yellow, white and sweet yellow onions are being recalled after a salmonella outbreak. Salmonella has short-term symptoms like nausea along with long-term complications including severe arthritis.

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