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The purpose and objectives of the Club are to establish, maintain and operate the Club Facilities for the recreation, pleasure and social enjoyment of the Members, guests of Members, and guests of the Club. A. Such meetings shall be held in Greensboro, Vermont. The Club account of each Member shall be due and payable upon receipt of the monthly statement. Sunbury Social Club, 352 East Drive, Sunbury, PA, 17801, United States 570-286-9422 570-286-9422 The Club reserves the right to discontinue or modify operation of any or all of the Club Facilities; to sell or otherwise dispose of the Club Facilities; and to make any other changes in the terms and conditions of membership or the facilities available for use by Members, all as more specifically set forth in the Membership Plan and Club Declaration. The burgee of the club shall be a pennant depicting our area’s gulf water, white … One such example is the bylaw … The Members Advisory Board would have no duty or power to negotiate or otherwise act on behalf of the Club, or the Members, and would serve only in an advisory capacity. Section 6:               Retention of Membership. HCGC shall be one Club. For meritorious service to the Club, Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on a Regular Member by the stockholders or the Board of Directors. Private Organizations. These are the Bylaws of the Wolf Laurel Country Club Inc., (hereafter referred to as the “Club”). The Nominating Committee shall seek candidates for the Board of Directors who are dedicated to the purposes and goals of the Club, who accept the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a Director, and who are willing and able to dedicate sufficient time to Board duties. The membership shall consist of the following classes of members of the Club (the "Members"), each of which shall enjoy the full or limited privileges of the Club specified by the terms and conditions contained in these bylaws … Updated June 26, 2020: 501 c 7 bylaws are the governing documents for a non-profit organization that is classified as tax-exempt. Non-profits and other entities or organizations use bylaws as a formal and legally-recognized resource to identify the ways that the organization will work. The Club Operator is authorized and empowered to adopt, promulgate change and enforce rules and regulations governing the use of the Club Facilities and every Member is subject thereto and shall abide thereby. Section 3:               Limitation on Voting Rights. The name of this organization shall be Henry County Gun Club, Inc. referred to as HCGC or the Club. BYLAWS OF MOREHEAD CITY COUNTRY CLUB, INC. The procedure for disciplinary actions is set forth in the Rules and Regulations. PICTONA AT HOLLY HILL Club Bylaws ARTICLE I – GENERAL Section A. The Secretary shall keep a book containing a record of the names of the stockholders, their places of residence, the numbers of shares held by each, the time when they respectively acquired the shares, and the time of any transfers thereof, which book shall always be open to the inspection of stockholders. The Board shall from time to time fix such dues and fees for the use of the facilities of the Club as it may deem appropriate. ByLaws SUGGESTED CLUB BY-LAWS (2018) (Revised NOVEMBER, 2018) Two versions are available: A PDF version for viewing; A MS Word version for you to modify for your own club; Click on the icons below to download the documents. Contact us at Twenty-five voting members or proxies shall constitute a quorum at all meetings, but no vote or resolution shall be passed or other action binding upon the Club taken by fewer than 15 affirmative votes, cast either in person or by proxy. The call for the meeting, issued by the Secretary of the Club and stating a time and place for the meeting, shall be posted on the Club’s website and on the Club bulletin board at least 10 days before the day of the meeting. Repair, rebuilding and maintenance of the Club Facilities and/or other occurrences may make it necessary for the Club Operator to change hours of use or restrict the use of the Club Facilities or to close the Club temporarily. Such procedure shall not relieve the Member of the obligation to pay all amounts when due to avoid delinquencies and late charges. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any duly called meeting of the Club, providing there is a quorum at said meeting. If at any meeting of the Board there is no quorum, such members of the Board as are present may conduct the necessary business of the Club. The purpose of the Burnham Park Yacht Club (BPYC) shall be to promote the participation in and enjoyment of yachting, both sail and power; to encourage racing, cruising and other activities related to yachting; to contribute to the enjoyment of yachting and to the promotion of its future; to foster a knowledge of seamanship and all related subjects; to promote an understanding of the rules of the road and yachting etiquette; to encourage in juniors an active interest in safe yachting; and to maintain suitab… The Treasurer shall prepare an annual report showing the financial condition of the Club and its income and disbursements for the preceding fiscal year and make same available to the stockholders of the Club. Twenty shares each shall be issued only to persons who have been approved for Regular Membership in the Club; however, shares shall not be issued to exceed 7,000 thus limiting the Regular Membership to 350 inclusive of Honorary Members and stockholding Social Members. Section 2 Restrictions of Powers.Notwithstanding any of the provisions of the By-laws… The bylaws of a company are the rules and regulations set out to provide a framework for its operations. Is a private cigar club and lounge for your retail store the right move? The Club shall have an official seal, of such form as may be prescribed by the Board. It shall be the duty of the Board or the President, according to circumstances, to see that the office of Secretary is not vacant for a period exceeding six months. At any time and from time to time the Club may setoff any and all amounts due and owing a Member by the Club against any and all amounts due and owing the Club by such Member or the Member’s successors or assigns. Memberships may not be pledged, except to the extent the lien or security interest is incurred as a result of obtaining membership privileges, and then only if consented to by the Club Operator. Follows provisions of its bylaws … Section 3:               Special Committees. The address of the Club is 2607 Wolf Laurel Road, Mars Hill, NC 28754. Any amounts not received prior to mailing of the subsequent monthly statement are delinquent. The Secretary of the Club shall keep on file all written reports of officers and committees of the Club. A Social Member may enjoy the social activities of the Club and shall pay such dues as may be fixed from time to time by the Board. Section 1:             Membership of the Board of Directors. I would respond to my critics with the following comments. The Club requires Members to furnish the Club with a valid commercial credit card number and written authorization of its use by the Club for charging Club dues in advance and other charges incurred by the Member. Such request shall be made to the President. Subject to the provisions of Section 4 of Article VII, a member may withdraw from the Club by resignation in writing. Except as set forth in the Membership Plan, memberships are not transferable. Share on Facebook. Section 5:               Stock Certificates. Section 6:               Secretary of the Board. Our focus is strenthening that foundation. With the formation of a club, club bylaws also come into existence to put order into the entity to avoid confusion and disorder. Any account which remains unpaid through the date of the next billing statement (approximately 30 days) is delinquent, and the Club may assess a late charge. If fewer than three candidates, or no candidates, shall be so nominated and submitted to the Secretary of the Club, the new Board of Directors elected at the Annual Meeting shall, within 90 days thereafter, select the remaining three members of the Nominating Committee. Upon the oldest person sharing a Junior Membership reaching age 35, the persons sharing same automatically become Regular Members upon purchase of the required 20 shares of the capital stock of the Club at the par value thereof. Club License Types & Requirements Elements of a Bona Fide Club Community oriented, non-profit organization operated for the benefit of the entire membership. The Treasurer shall present to the stockholders of the Club at the Annual Meeting an interim report for the current year showing the financial condition of the Club. 1. A Member may apply to the Club for one (1) leave of absence for a maximum of period of one (1) year in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Membership Plan. Each Member shall pay annual membership dues as a condition of membership in the Club and such dues shall be payable on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis, as determined by the Club, in the Club’s sole discretion. Section 1 The control and management of the Club and its affairs, funds and property shall be entrusted to and vested in a Board of nine (9) elected Directors.. The President of the Club shall nominate each standing committee’s chairperson for confirmation by the Board, to serve for a term of one year or until such chairperson’s successor shall be so nominated and confirmed. Copies of the proposed amendments shall be available for inspection by the stockholders at the Club upon request. As Amended effective October 17, 2015. Section 3:             Other Stated Meetings and Special Meetings. BYLAWS OF MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTRY CLUB, INC. (i)             the term “Club” shall mean Mountain View Country Club, Inc.; (ii)            the term “membership” shall have the meaning set forth in Article VI of these Bylaws; and. The Treasurer shall be the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. If such amounts remain delinquent for a period of sixty (60) days, such Member may be subject to suspension from the Club in accordance with Article 5. The initiation fee for a Regular Member, in an amount determined by the Board, shall become payable by such Regular Member upon the Board’s approval of such member’s membership application. NAME. SECTION 3. A copy of these Bylaws, as the same may be amended from time to time, shall be posted on the Club’s website at all times so as to be available for inspection by stockholders and applicants for membership. These Private Members’ Club Constitutions, Guidance Notes and CASC documents are designed for use by founders of a club in the legal form of an unincorporated association where the club is to be a “private members’ club”, i.e. Organization Name Article – Write the name of your club here. The Club Operator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse use of the Club Facilities by any person at any time. Any vacancy in the membership of the Nominating Committee shall be filled by the remaining members of the committee. Any expenditure(s) that require either a substantial increase ($25,000 or more) in the Club’s indebtedness for borrowed monies or a membership assessment shall be voted upon and approved by the Club’s voting members prior to implementation. All officers referred to in this article must be stockholders (or the spouse of a stockholder) in the Club. Successful businesses not only need sound strategic planning and formulation, but also sound strategy execution. For each non‑compliance or violation, the Club may, but shall not be obligated to, impose a fine not in excess of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Our fine part parkland, part woodland course offers … All of these are set into place to help create a safe and enjoyable environment for all members. The constitution and bylaws adopted by a club constitute a binding contract between the club and its members. There is a presumption that every member of the club is acquainted with its rules. Section 8:              Officers Must be Stockholders. The days of popularity contests for board seats in private clubs should be over. The Club may suspend any Member, and such Member’s family members, tenants, guests and invitees, from use of any or all of the Club Facilities for such Member’s failure to pay any dues, fees or charges for a period of sixty (60) days. Seven members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. A licensed club must adhere to its constitution and bylaws, hold regular meetings open to its members, conduct its business through officers who are regularly elected, admit members by written application, … The Emerald Bay Club - Bullard, TX. I don’t care. ownership of the club … This appointment must be confirmed, or confirmation of the appointment must be refused, by the Board, either by approval of a majority of the Board, in writing or by e-mail or fax, or at the next regular or duly called special meeting of the Board. The Assistant Treasurer shall hold office until a successor has been elected and qualified. Section 5:               Social Membership. Section 3:               Regular Membership. There shall be a Secretary of the Club who shall be elected annually by the Board. A private club can rent a banquet room to an outside group or person for a private event. Private clubs operate in a unique business environment. Your club should modify and adapt the following Articles to fit its particular circumstances and review the document with your counsel. There shall be a Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) of the Club consisting of 12 persons. The shares shall be issued at such price, but not less than par, as the Board may determine from time to time, but only for cash. We need to change an article in our Club Bylaws and we are required to announce the change 15 days prior to our next annual meeting. Section 7:           Secretary of the Club. Notice of the general nature of the amendments to be considered shall be contained in the call for the meeting. Strategic Planning is the single most important responsibility of the board and a critical element of effective governance. Should a vacancy occur in the office of President, Vice President or Treasurer, this vacancy shall be filled by the Board and may be filled at any duly called meeting of the Board, provided that the call for the meeting shall state the election of one of these officers is the purpose or one of the purposes of the meeting, and provided also that at least one week’s notice shall be given to the Directors of any meeting called for this purpose. Below are some of the more important articles that should be found in any club bylaws. If a member shall provide a paid service to the Club, whether as a contractor or as an employee, he or she shall not participate in any Club decision-making related to that service. Until such payment is made, such indebtedness, which shall include but not be limited to dues and fees, shall operate as a lien on the subscription price of the shares to be reimbursed to the former member, and shall be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. Any storage facilities or lockers provided at the Club are offered as a convenience to Members and others and the Club Operator, its designated representatives, agents, successors or assigns, and any owner of all or any portion of the Club Facilities do not represent or warrant that the lockers or storage facilities are safe and secure, nor does it guarantee that any items placed therein are or will be secure. If the Regular Member fails to complete payment of the initiation fee in accordance with the terms set by the Board, his or her membership shall cease. Sample Investment Club Bylaws [Download as MS Word .doc] I. DEFINITIONS. The President as the chief executive officer of the Club shall be responsible for all personnel decisions, subject to the Board’s authority to supervise the Club’s affairs and to establish the Club’s general policies. ARTICLE II — PURPOSE. The Club shall be operated in accordance with, and all Members shall be subject to the Club Declaration, the Membership Plan, these Bylaws, all Rules and Regulations promulgated by the Club from time to time, and each Member’s Membership Agreement, each as may be amended by the Club from time to time. Board nominations submitted by the Nominating Committee shall not exclude Board nominations by any stockholder of the Club.

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