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In his later years, Lansing served as president of The Players, the New York City theatrical and literary club on Gramercy Park, where his portrait still hangs. We were due for a lighthearted Star Trek … Human Lansing and Meriwether co-starred again in Namu, the Killer Whale (1966). Born Robert Howell Brown in San Diego, California, he adopted the stage name Robert Lansing from the capital of Michigan, which he … He was intended to be the lead role of an unproduced spin-off of Star Trek , with "Assignment: Earth" acting as a pilot. Species: Cat Out of the Bag Alert! Gen. Frank Savage in 12 O'Clock High (1964), the television drama series about American bomber pilots during World War II. Sadly, his role only lasted until the following year, when he died of cancer at the age of 66. So let’s hoist one to Robert Lansing, his beautiful co-star Mariette Hartley, and the prospect of romantic love across space and time – not an easy proposition in a dimension as unforgiving as The Twilight Zone. While en route to Earth, his transporter beam was inadvertently intercepted by the USS Enterprise, which made it appear as if the Enterprise crew would prevent him from stopping the upcoming launch of a nuclear missile. I found that jarring. A MUST HAVE FOR EXTREME TREK COLLECTORS. ... “The Man Who Never Was”; TV’s “Star Trek” Gary Seven in episode “Assignment Earth”). Using advanced alien technology, including the Beta 5 computer hidden in his office in Apartment 12B at 811 East 68th Street in New York City, he continued the dead agents' mission to make sure mankind did not destroy itself with nuclear weapons. She was also a Star Trek veteran, playing Mr. Spock's accidental love interest in "All Our Yesterdays." Listed as Supervisor 194, he was a Class 1 supervisor. Robert Lansing (5 June 1928 23 October 1994; age 66) was an actor who played Gary Seven in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode \"Assignment: Earth\". "Assignment: Earth" is the only original series episode to list the guest star after the episode title before the writing credit. Just after Twelve O'Clock High, Lansing shot a pilot for a series called The Long Hunt of April Savage which was created by Sam Rolfe and produced by Gene Roddenberry. When he discovered they were killed in an automobile accident, he assumed their mission. Status: He was grown and conditioned in some way which allowed him to have a completely healthy and flawless body; furthermore he was insensitive to the effects of the Vulcan nerve pinch. Feh. On 12 O'Clock High (Sep. 13), they unceremoniously killed Robert Lansing and, in the process, the show. Gary Seven was a central character in the first two Eugenics Wars novels, beginning with the discovery of a secret laboratory beneath the deserts of India in 1974, where Khan Noonien Singh and his fellow Augments were created. Robert Lansing and Lee Meriwether star in this warm and compelling family drama about a compassionate scientist who forms an unlikely friendship with a magnificent killer whale. This episode was actually to serve as a pilot for a possible television series that would have starred Lansing as the Gary Seven character, but the series was not picked up. Gary Seven was no stranger to Star Trek comics, appearing in four issues from DC Comics, "The Peacekeeper Part One", "The Peacekeeper Part Two: The Conclusion", "Split Infinities", and "Future Imperiled". Seven used the Beta 5 exceiver circuits to cause the third stage of the American rocket to malfunction. The unsold pilot also featured Charles Dierkop. Of those three, Twelve O'Clock High was the most successful, lasting three seasons (compared to the one season of the other two). In 1985, he again became part of a regular cast in a TV series, this time as a co-star, on The Equalizer. Lansing's motion picture roles included A Gathering of Eagles with Rock Hudson and Under the Yum Yum Tree opposite Jack Lemmon. This series also co-starred fellow TOS guest actors Sally Kellerman, Lou Antonio, Frank Overton, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine guest actor Bert Remsen. Jan 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Richard McCleary. While there are times that Gary Seven looks like Robert Lansing at no time does Roberta Lincoln look like Teri Garr. In 1983, he starred in the short-lived science fiction TV series Automan. The following year, he appeared in the romantic comedy Under the Yum Yum Tree, which also featured Gloria Calomee and Bill Erwin. "Assignment: Earth" starred Robert Lansing as Gary Seven and Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln. your own Pins on Pinterest -- aquarius40 Robert Lansing was a bad-ass as Gary Seven. In 1993, he became a recurring cast member on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Weirdly enough, the first ever proposed Star Trek spinoff basically had as little to do with Star Trek as it possibly could. He remained behind on Earth to carry out other missions with his assistants: Roberta Lincoln, a Human female from Earth of that time period to whom he accidentally described his mission, and Isis, his mysterious cat. He was seen in the IDW Publishing series Star Trek: Assignment Earth, written and drawn by John Byrne. EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Bert I Gordon JOAN COLLINS Robert Lansing PRESSBOOK. On television, he appeared in episodes of such hits as Star Trek, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone and Murder, She Wrote. Gary Seven was the code name for a Human male whose ancestors were abducted from Earth around 4000 BC and taken to another planet. Seven tries to convince Captain Kirk to let him disarm the warhead - with Spock unable to do it himself, the crew is left with no choice but to trust him. He remained with this show until its end in 1989. This review contains some spoilers for this episode! Lansing is probably best remembered as the authoritarian Brig. He was sent to Earth in 1968 to discover why his superiors lost contact with Agent 201 and Agent 347. Robert Lansing. Guy Raymond also starred in this film. Gary Seven was played by actor Robert Lansing. More time traveling shenanigans as we finish off season 2! He is best remembered for his role of 'General Frank Savage' in the television series, Twelve O'Clock High (1964 to 1965). Directors John Grissmer Starring Judith Chapman, Robert Lansing, Arlen … There was actually a TV version of the musical in February 1975 that aired on late night on ABC (in the days when they would try to put anything on opposite Johnny Carson) in which the score was truncated, and the Chinese acrobats were in the interests of PCness changed to conventional Mafia types. It veered off course and the warhead exploded 104 miles above ground. Robert Lansing (5 June 1928 – 23 October 1994; age 66) was an actor who played Gary Seven in the Star Trek: The Original Series second season episode "Assignment: Earth". 1-800-star-trek. Both Lansing and Szarabajka also co-starred in the 1988 Equalizer TV movie called Memories of Manon, which also featured Anthony Zerbe and Mark Margolis. "At the time," he confides, "Gene was a good friend, but I was a New York snob actor, come out to Hollywood. #isis #kirk #spock #Star trek #pilot #fan made #robert lansing #teri garr #tos More you might like. It's not a bad hour of television - it's simply a bad episode of Star Trek. He is mentioned (and makes a brief appearance in) From History's Shadow, as well as its follow-up, Elusive Salvation. Lansing has also appeared in a number of made-for-TV movies and specials, including Killer by Night (1972, with Theodore Bikel and Jason Wingreen), The Astronaut (1972, with Monte Markham, James B. Sikking, and Paul Kent, and written by Harve Bennett), Crime Club (1975, with David Clennon), The Deadly Triangle (1977, with Diana Muldaur), and Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989, with Jeff Yagher). Item Information. But there's Paul Carr, in a performance that had to have been filmed pretty close to his July turn on the second Trek pilot. US television staple Robert Lansing (Star Trek, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone) stars as a deranged surgeon in this twisty-turny psychological thriller from Blood Rage director John Grissmer. Robert Lansing was an American stage, film, and television actor. Gender: Dur­ing his long ca­reer, which spanned five decades, Lans­ing ap­peared in 245 episodes of 73 tele­vi­sion se­ries, 11 TV movies, and 19 mo­tion pic­tures. Gary Seven was played by actor Robert Lansing. He retired shortly after Khan's departure, leaving his supervisory position on Earth to Roberta Lincoln. His efforts were eventually successful. PROP DIMENSIONS; SET ACCURATE INCHES, 5-3/8 X 3/8 DIAMETER NOMINAL. In 1959, Lansing co-starred with fellow TOS guest star Lee Meriwether in the science fiction film 4D Man. (TOS: "Assignment: Earth"). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During a fight with the killers, Benny is blinded, and Talion's hand shattered. Lans­ing first ap­peared on Broad­way in the play Sta­lag 17 (1951) di­rected by José Fer­rer, re­plac­ing Mark Roberts in the role of Dun­bar at the 48th Street Theater. Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise guest actor Keith Szarabajka co-starred in this series. Nonetheless, Lansing was the star of three other series during the 1960s: 87th Precinct in 1961, Twelve O'Clock High in 1964, and The Man Who Never Was (which was produced and directed by John Newland) in 1966. Even the most stupid roles he had he gave a lot of dignity to. Gary Seven (Robert Lansing) with the cat Isis in an episode of Star Trek that would have served double duty as the pilot for Assignment: Earth. Actor. ABOUT THE EPISODE WITH ROBERT LANSING: This was a pilot episode of a new series produced by Gene Roddenberry about a time traveler named Gary Seven. Lansing also made guest appearances in a number of shows, including Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Ironside, Law & Order, The Mod Squad (with Clarence Williams III and Tige Andrews), Murder, She Wrote, Simon & Simon, Thriller, The Twilight Zone (with Mariette Hartley), and The Virginian. Seven, who had rescued Khan and his fellows from the laboratory before its destruction, had hoped to groom him as part of his work to safeguard Earth, but Khan's superior ambition led to the two men eventually becoming adversaries. Discover (and save!) watching these on Aug 27th, 2015. His rugged good looks, com­mand­ing stage pres­ence and sten­to­rian voice earned him con­tin­u­ing stage workand through­out his film ca­reer he pe­ri­o… Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; See more posts like this on Tumblr. OLD, NEW-STOCK, WILL BECOME VERY RARE. from Strange New Worlds III, the short story "Seven and Seven" in Strange New Worlds VI, the short story "Assignment: One" in Strange New Worlds VIII, and the short story "Rocket Man" in Strange New Worlds 9. Played by: Details about EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Bert I Gordon JOAN COLLINS Robert Lansing PRESSBOOK. He also appeared in the novel Assignment: Eternity along with Roberta Lincoln, the short story "The Aliens Are Coming!" The Southern Star (1969) pressbook - free shipping . During the second season, Roddenberry co-wrote an episode that was meant to serve double duty as a pilot for a possible new series, as Trek was (as always) on the edge of cancellation. During the Eugenics Wars of 1992-1996, Seven worked to prevent the conflict between Khan and his superhuman opponents from endangering the world, and ultimately provided Khan and his followers with the SS Botany Bay after his defeat. $9.99. Active (1968) In 1963, he had a supporting role in the war drama A Gathering of Eagles, which featured DS9 actress Louise Fletcher in an uncredited role. He gained early act­ing ex­pe­ri­ence at the Ac­tors Stu­dio. Gary Seven actor Robert Lansing describes the character background in a 1989 interview with Starlog Magazine, quoted on an Assignment: Earth fan website, The Complete “Assignment: Earth.” “Gene was a good friend, but I was a New York snob actor, out to Hollywood. Apocrypha Star Trek – “Assignment: Earth” Jun 10, 2014. The 1968 TV episode "Assignment Earth" had been the Season Two finale for the original Star Trek series, and was intended by Gene Roddenberry as the pilot for a spin-off series that never came to pass. Original Air Date: March 29, 1968 Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Lansing Directed by: Marc Daniels. Male However, Lansing left the show after only one year. This caused the nuclear powers to re-assess the risks of an orbiting nuclear platform. Lansing was married to Emily McLaughlin, who married Jeffrey Hunter after she and Lansing divorced. Lansing filmed his scenes between Tuesday 2 January 1968 and Wednesday 10 January 1968 at Desilu Stage 9, Stage 10, Paramount Stage 5 and on location at the Paramount lot. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But incredibly, Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly do an admirable job of achieving just that with their narrative for issue eleven of IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five. Class 1 supervisor In 1989, Lansing reminisced about his Star Trek turn: Approached by Gene Roddenberry to guest star as Gary Seven in "Assignment: Earth," Robert Lansing at first refused. "From the Files of Gary Seven", Peter Bloch-Hansen. In 1971, he co-starred with fellow TOS alumni Kim Darby, Hal Baylor, and Don Keefer in The Grissom Gang, and in 1977, he co-starred with Joan Collins and Robert Pine in the cult sci-fi film Empire of the Ants. Lansing's other film credits include An Eye for an Eye (1966, with Paul Fix and Clint Howard), Namu, the Killer Whale (1966, with John Anderson and Lee Meriwether, and featuring a score by Samuel Matlovsky), and Bittersweet Love (1976, with Gail Strickland). Robert Lansing, 66, an actor who had a long career in films and on the New York stage and who had starred in several television series in the 1960s, died of cancer Oct. 23 at a hospital in New York. Robert Lansing Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest Robert Lansing photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums and blogs at Rotten Tomatoes! Robert Lansing in Star Trek Assignment:Earth - took me a while to realize he's reminding me of Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders -- Close-up Robert Lansing was such a good actor. He was intended to be the lead role of an unproduced spin-off of Star Trek, with "Assignment: Earth" acting as a pilot. Occupation: Source: Star trek pilot fan made robert lansing teri garr tos isis kirk spock. Robert Lansing, Broadway, film and television actor who starred in the series “12 O’Clock High,” has died. He's the guest star on Sep. 15's The Virginian. Robert Lansing appears as Colonel Gary Seven, an agent sent from the future. This episode was actually to serve as a pilot for a possible television series that would have starred Lansing as the Gary Seven character, but the series was not picked up.

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